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No Manolos For You June 2, 2008

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Dear Progressive,

The Insurance Store created in your commercials is a great concept. However, the star of your commercial is the most irritating presence in ads since Alltel Chad stepped on the scene. Second, I think the priorities you are promoting are a little out of whack. In one commercial, a woman complains about the cost of car insurance, and upon seeing how much she can save (it’s around $400 bucks I think), she joyously announces she can buy new shoes. NEW SHOES??? You can barely afford car insurance and you are going to use your savings on NEW SHOES???? We are in a freaking recession, lady!!!! Why not pay down some of that credit card debt or get your poor children health insurance. AND THEN…our terribly annoying saleslady informs us that approximately 400 bucks can buy a “big tricked-out nametag.” No.




Keeping The Kiddos Plump May 21, 2008

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Dear Days Inn,

I like your new logo and the spot I saw today was generic and fine, except for…



More Like Freaking Out

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Dear AIG,

I am a sucker for the quirky/cute kid. This kid is cute, but probably wouldn’t be nearly as cute if he weren’t so adorably quirky. You have found the ultimate Q/C kid. I caught the commercial about him not being able to sleep for the first time today and was fascinated. Plus, it kept me listening about boring insurance stuff because his delivery is so great. I also found the vacation spot, which is rich! Keep it up,


P.S. Both commercials are after the jump
P.P.S. The second ad is missing the first 2 seconds. It starts with our favorie Q/C kid saying, “I can’t sleep.”
P.P.P.S. Best line: Dents are easy to fix but liability’s the NIGHTMaRE.


Not Gonna Happen May 17, 2008

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Dear Old Mutual,

Replacing random words with “Old Mutual” will never catch on and I’ll tell you why…The replacements make ZERO SENSE. If the use of “Old Mutual” was put in place words and phrases that reflect your alleged principles such as “common sense” and “responsibility” and “intuition,” THAT would make sense. However, replacing anything and everything with “Old Mutual” does not. What on Earth are you trying to do when “Old Mutual” replaces not only people’s delight, but their disgruntlement about other people getting promoted as a result of nepotism or kids whining about their uptight parents? I think it is time to rethink this one.

Kindest Regards,



Snobs. May 14, 2008

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If this is not the most stuck up ad I’ve ever seen, I’ll be damned:

I am actually pretty sure you’re connecting with your audience here, but at whose expense. We’ve got the clean cut guy playing tennis whose “game” is ruined by a bunch of unkempt slobs. I think there’s better ways of conveying that you have jobs for elite than making those who aren’t qualified look like riff raff.




Getting Together for a Good Cause March 27, 2008

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Dear Al Gore,

Your rock. I just read about the ad campaign for your not-for-profit The Alliance for Climate Protection that is slated to begin next week. Now we all know that PSAs tend to be A) boring or B) trying a bit too hard to be edgy. However, what I just read about your campaign literally brought a smile to my face. Let’s have a read at the clip from the 60 minutes article:

Some of the ads will feature unlikely alliances to drive home the message that people of all stripes are concerned about global warming. These include the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Pat Robertson, Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks, and Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich.

This is absolute brillance. I would like to shake the person who came up with this strategy’s hand. Hell, I might even bear hug him or her. Among the pairings, that of Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks is astounding. For those who don’t remember, they had a long battle over opinions on Bush that at one point involved shirts reading “FUTK”. As divisive as politics have been along party lines these days, this campaign will give strong evidence that global warming that transcends politics.

All the Best,



Superior Marketing Tactics March 23, 2008

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Dear Axe and BodMan,

You have a lot in common, primarily that you are nearly the exact same product  – both manly-scented deoderizing body sprays. There are 2 major differences:

1. BodMan has been around a heck of a lot longer (in the US, it seems – see Post Script)

2. Axe (known as Lynx across the pond) is hugely successful; BodMan is not. (Side Note: Tag Body Spray has attempted to piggy back on Axe’s strategy but has not been nearly successful due to the fact that it’s a lame imitation.)

Now why the difference between Axe and BodMan? Simply marketing.

You can watch a BodMan ad here.

If you didn’t check it out, here is the description: Sweaty men playing football, dated up-tempo music, woman saying “Hot bod, I want your bod” and an image of cheapo-looking, clear containers filled with a concotion that looks radioactive. It’s cheesy and unappealing to men. Sure it plays on women being attracted to men, but the execution is horrific.  For a description that illustrates my point, read the post by Stinger97 on this forum. (These ads were running in 2007, think about that.) 

Guys probably got Bod Man only when their well-meaning mothers stuck it in their stockings to give them a sly reminder to freshen up.

On the other hand, Axe stormed onto the seen with controversial ads that appealed to men’s basic instincts – getting laid. And if smelling good is what it takes, men will cover themselves in Axe. (Trust me, I know more than a few.) I had a friend who initially thought Axe was lame, but the advertising was edgy enough to grab the interest of some women as well and pretty soon he was going through a can a week.

Additionally, Axe has gotten extremely creative. There have been entire programs that are, quite simply, Axe ads. They’ve aired both on Spike TV and MTV (Game Killers). Spike TV aired  “Exposing the Order of the Serpentine,” an alleged 30 minute news-doc about how a secret cult of men who, I guess, worshipped snakes and got laid by beautiful women. This was, of course, an extended ad for Axe’s Snakepeel Body Wash. Some people might find it a bit sleazy, but the content could be considered actually entertaining, which is where Axe always scores big. Sure it’s a little risque at times, but that it what Axe is going for and the audience eats it up. At times, it is even artsy. Check out this Lynx (Axe in England) ad: