Dear Advertiser,

Just a Little Friendly Advice

Hold On To Your Hats January 31, 2008

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Dear Readers,

Usually advertising types like to pull the old There’s some football game tonight? I just knew it was the Commercial Bowl bit. I, however, quite enjoy football, and after getting over the fact that Brett Favre won’t be there I am still deciding whether to go for Eli “Aw Schucks” Manning or Tom “GQ” Brady. Either way, I’ll still be paying close attention to all of the hugely disappointing terrific new ads. In fact, I’ll be live blogging! If you watch tv with your laptop in your lap as I do, check in during the game and see if you agree!




Straight from the Sitcoms January 24, 2008

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Dear Bulevard Rosa,


[via Ads of the World]

My first and only thought is…



On My Side!

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Dear Nationwide,

I have always disliked the commercials where “Life Comes at You Fast” in the most rediculous situations that make drivers look like idiots. For example, where the guy crashes the car because he can’t pull a damn scarf off his face or the one where those kids are singing that goof-ass song (has anyone ever played that game?) and their mother, who evidently doesn’t watch the road, plows the car into a whole in the middle of the road. That being said….



Kindest Sir or Madam January 23, 2008

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Dear Ooops Spamfilter,

I adore your new print ads for a couple of reasons. First of all, this is a situation (receiving absurd spam) that pretty much everyone can relate to, and the matter-of-fact reply emails really add to the ludicrous nature of the spam. Second, I love copy heavy ads. I am constantly lamenting the small number of them these days. Your ads are intelligent and clever, and I commend you. Now all you need to do is roll out a few replying to that guy who is going to help me refinance my mortgage (at no cost to me!) and that fella who is going to give me a great deal on “viagra.”




Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

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Dear Cheetos,

Although I am not a fan of your laundromat commercial, I have to hand it to you for drumming up a lot of interest. There have been tons of searches about it and my post about it is, by far, my most popular. Although it wasn’t for me, you have struck a chord and gotten people talking. Well played, I say, for creating a campaign that has placed Cheetos in the minds of many consumers.




Mission Accomplished (Sort of) January 20, 2008

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Dear Jiffy Lube,

Imagine my delight when you rolled out a new spot that took the same theme of your other ad (Break down, who knows what you’ll miss) and removed the total creep factor. This time around, somone broke down and missed out on a rockstar at a wedding reception. This situation still sends the message that you could miss out on some important/cool situations because you failed to take care of your car, but leaves out the part that makes me people feel uncomfortable that a seemingly nice guy’s family has been stolen by a Russian janitor. Once you stop airing the missed birth commercial I will officially consider my work here done.




Ruining Society January 16, 2008

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Dear Cheetos,

I guess if I eat your disgusting cheesy fried things (which I hate more than Doritos), I will be convinced by Chester Cheetah to be a terrible human being. In your recent television spot, at Chester’s urging, a young woman gets revenge on a fellow laundromat user by pouring Cheetos into her dryer full of white clothing.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. As if people didn’t already think television was unraveling the moral fabric of society, you have to literally send a message for people to be total assholes. My only guess is that your target market is total assholes and you are just trying to relate and offer them a snack that will justify their evil doings…I just don’t know…

As for generally nice people and those worrying that television erodes our values, I don’t see them giving you very much positve feedback or buying your nasty cheesy snacks.

I can only imagine what Chester will encourage some jerk to do in the next spot…



UPDATE: Just to clear things up, I’m all about advertising pushing the limits. Give me ads with sex, drugs, and booze and I will probably send out a shoutout if it’s creative and on-target. Many would say ads like these are “unraveling the moral fabric of society,” which would contradict my statements above. To clarify, my problem with the commercial is the way the commercial encourages viewers to treat others in an unkind manner. That’s it. I don’t think it’s very a nice message. I saw the ad and immediately was turned off and was just sharing my thoughts. No need for anyone to get nasty.