Dear Advertiser,

Just a Little Friendly Advice

Keeping The Kiddos Plump May 21, 2008

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Dear Days Inn,

I like your new logo and the spot I saw today was generic and fine, except for…



More Like Freaking Out

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Dear AIG,

I am a sucker for the quirky/cute kid. This kid is cute, but probably wouldn’t be nearly as cute if he weren’t so adorably quirky. You have found the ultimate Q/C kid. I caught the commercial about him not being able to sleep for the first time today and was fascinated. Plus, it kept me listening about boring insurance stuff because his delivery is so great. I also found the vacation spot, which is rich! Keep it up,


P.S. Both commercials are after the jump
P.P.S. The second ad is missing the first 2 seconds. It starts with our favorie Q/C kid saying, “I can’t sleep.”
P.P.P.S. Best line: Dents are easy to fix but liability’s the NIGHTMaRE.


Not Gonna Happen May 17, 2008

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Dear Old Mutual,

Replacing random words with “Old Mutual” will never catch on and I’ll tell you why…The replacements make ZERO SENSE. If the use of “Old Mutual” was put in place words and phrases that reflect your alleged principles such as “common sense” and “responsibility” and “intuition,” THAT would make sense. However, replacing anything and everything with “Old Mutual” does not. What on Earth are you trying to do when “Old Mutual” replaces not only people’s delight, but their disgruntlement about other people getting promoted as a result of nepotism or kids whining about their uptight parents? I think it is time to rethink this one.

Kindest Regards,



Snobs. May 14, 2008

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If this is not the most stuck up ad I’ve ever seen, I’ll be damned:

I am actually pretty sure you’re connecting with your audience here, but at whose expense. We’ve got the clean cut guy playing tennis whose “game” is ruined by a bunch of unkempt slobs. I think there’s better ways of conveying that you have jobs for elite than making those who aren’t qualified look like riff raff.