Dear Advertiser,

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Not Exactly What I Would Call Competition November 30, 2007

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Dear Cable,

Whenever my dear friends and I see your “When Cable Competes…You Win” advertisements, we went to do what this nice little old lady did. Everybody’s main beef with cable is that the prices are jacked up and the customer service totally sucks…and why? Because you don’t have to compete with anybody!! Sure, cable has been able to compete with phone companies, but the idea of cable companies competing with each other is what we all really want. So, really, you are just pissing me off with this self-righteous attitude that you are making our lives better – which you aren’t.

Not to mention, why does every person in your ads have a serious twang? Are these the only people who appreciate cable? Though, from my understanding, most folks in the country have to use satellite anyways. How about allowing for some competition and I’ll start to take you seriously. Until then, the household slogan of “Drop the Bomb on Mediacom” will remain in place.




You Are Better Than This October 31, 2007

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Dear Subway,

You’ve done it. You’ve gone and joined the trend of insulting your consumers. You’re not coming right out and saying “You people are morons,” but the new spot with the grown man throwing the fit because he can’t go to Subway is apalling.

You knocked it out of the park with the commercials mocking fast food menu items. It said to your consumers, “Hey, you know better than this.” Now you have somehow turned us all from savvy, health conscious consumers into this embarassing man-child.

I’d take Jared over this.

Yours Truly,


PS – Don’t feel too bad. You’re not the only one who’s been having this love affair with making consumers look like idiots.

PPS – Remember, you are SUBWAY, not Quizno’s. Stick to the healthy fastfood angle and I will not complain. Though, that is not – NOT – a promise.