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No Manolos For You June 2, 2008

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Dear Progressive,

The Insurance Store created in your commercials is a great concept. However, the star of your commercial is the most irritating presence in ads since Alltel Chad stepped on the scene. Second, I think the priorities you are promoting are a little out of whack. In one commercial, a woman complains about the cost of car insurance, and upon seeing how much she can save (it’s around $400 bucks I think), she joyously announces she can buy new shoes. NEW SHOES??? You can barely afford car insurance and you are going to use your savings on NEW SHOES???? We are in a freaking recession, lady!!!! Why not pay down some of that credit card debt or get your poor children health insurance. AND THEN…our terribly annoying saleslady informs us that approximately 400 bucks can buy a “big tricked-out nametag.” No.