Dear Advertiser,

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More Like Freaking Out May 21, 2008

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Dear AIG,

I am a sucker for the quirky/cute kid. This kid is cute, but probably wouldn’t be nearly as cute if he weren’t so adorably quirky. You have found the ultimate Q/C kid. I caught the commercial about him not being able to sleep for the first time today and was fascinated. Plus, it kept me listening about boring insurance stuff because his delivery is so great. I also found the vacation spot, which is rich! Keep it up,


P.S. Both commercials are after the jump
P.P.S. The second ad is missing the first 2 seconds. It starts with our favorie Q/C kid saying, “I can’t sleep.”
P.P.P.S. Best line: Dents are easy to fix but liability’s the NIGHTMaRE.


On My Side! January 24, 2008

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Dear Nationwide,

I have always disliked the commercials where “Life Comes at You Fast” in the most rediculous situations that make drivers look like idiots. For example, where the guy crashes the car because he can’t pull a damn scarf off his face or the one where those kids are singing that goof-ass song (has anyone ever played that game?) and their mother, who evidently doesn’t watch the road, plows the car into a whole in the middle of the road. That being said….