Dear Advertiser,

Just a Little Friendly Advice

From Bad to Worse October 31, 2007

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Dear Sony,

The lack of originality in your American Bravia ads have hit a new low. I just became aware that you have the sellout king, Peyton Manning, in your spots. Peyton Manning is hocking so much stuff people aren’t going to remember if they’re supposed to be buying a High-Def TV or a gallon of Gatorade.

This is rock bottom, you have no where to go but up. Please don’t take this as a challenge to prove me wrong.




BRAVIA UPDATE October 26, 2007

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Dear Sony,

Saw the new American ads. Guess you didn’t read my last letter….HDNA…snooze. Where are all the pretty coloUrs?

We’re so over,


PS – A YouTube video caption (reliable, I know) refers to one of your beautiful ads as UK & US…could it be true? You just hate Middle America????


Insulting…Really October 17, 2007

Dear Sony,

In America, you advertised the Bravia television as being for both the genders – how inventive! It’s got sound for men, something else that women like in TV…Point being, they are boring and seriously lack creativity.

In the UK, you advertise the Bravia as follows:

These UK ads beg the question: Do you hate Americans? The British spots are mesmerizing – they’re art. They’re a gift! Not only to nerdy ad junkies, but to all of us who stare at the television, rotting out our brains.

They look like it took a lot of thought and work. (In fact, I know they did, because you’ve even devoted special websites and videos to discuss the making.) Why, oh why, do you not deem Americans worthy of the good commercials? You even filmed one in San Francisco!! I guess “Color” just doesn’t have the impact of “Colour.”

Truly Yours,